Our customers are always impressed with our high quality services. In fact, they can always see that we truly care about their pets. Listed below are just a few testimonials we’ve received for our good work.

I’ve been to Dr. Cohen about 4+ visits with my cat. Each time Dr. Cohen took his time to listen to my concerns carefully. I also appreciate clean and no-odor clinic. I have already recommended this clinic to a few friends, and I will continue doing so.

– Boris E., Facebook

Dr. Cohen is super gentle with fur-babies and very helpful to fur-parents. He was quick yet highly efficient, and helped make my puppy feel comfortable. The information he and his staff provided me in terms of proper diet and medication was useful and they were kind to explain everything to me full detail. And all for a fair price! I’m happy to have learned they now provide grooming services, so my puppy will be pleased with that.

– Stephanie B., Facebook

The doctor and staff are very good with my dogs I’m very happy with the service they are providing. The place is very neat and clean and the doctor and staff pay attention to the dogs petting them and making them feel comfortable. Wish I had found this place when my Sophie angel was alive. The other Vet that I had was an orgor wasn’t friendly at all and did not make my dogs feel comfortable when my angel Sophie passed away and I took her to him he didn’t even give me condolences didn’t even remember her name and I was taking her and picking up her heart medications all the time. Thank you Dr. Cohen and staff for caring for Blossoms and Abby.

– Mindy P., Facebook

If anybody who is looking to find good Vet I strongly recommend to see Dr. Jeremy Cohen. I was so impressed how he take care my dog Anita who was suffering ear infection so bad and Dr . Cohen cleaned her ear and he discovered that she was suffering with severe bacterial infection ,but took care of her just first visit . I was very pleased his care for sick dog . Just visit them and first vidit they waiver you 50 dollars toward your charge. Very reasonable and excellent service you wouldn’t find else where.

– Sue E., Facebook

Another wonderful visit with the team at Fresh Meadows Animal Clinic. Even on the phone when they hear my dogs name they sound happy to see him which makes a proud doggy mommy so happy! I know that when he’s in their care he isn’t just another dog, they genuinely love him and that makes me feel so comfortable and puts all my worries to rest. Today I just came in for nail clipping , this is a skittish older dog who has been known to take a long time to have his nails done but with only one audible growl from the back room and just a few minutes , Bruiser was out and didn’t even look remotely scared. The nurses were coddling him and making a fuss over him as usual which neither of us ever get sick of. Before I left they called to me because they wanted to give us a doggy Christmas ornament which was completely unexpected and so appreciated. It’s this warm family feel that makes this vet so unique , going to the vet doesn’t seem like a dreaded task as it does normally with other vets. I literally can’t say enough about how much I appreciate this office and the wonderful team that works there. Thanks guys! We love you!

– Deborah E., Google

Having had dogs all our lives we have dealt with several veterinarians, by far Dr Cohen and the staff at the Fresh Meadows Animal clinic are the best! We have found our permanent home.

– Maria C., Google

Dr. Cohen and his staff are extremely knowledgable, use the latest equipment, and always make my dog (cockapoo) feel as well as she can during a vet visit. I highly recommend that you take your pet here!

– Sevak A., Google

My two shin tzus have been treated there and they were taken care and loved! The whole staff is absolutely amazing! They care about your pet not your money!

– Camila P., Google

My baby had a red eye that scared me. I scheduled an appointment with the office and brought her in. She was freaked out about people she does not know, but Dr. Cohen was very patient. He was also very comforting with her. I would highly recommend this clinic for your immediate needs with your fur-babies. He is now added as my emergency go to veterinary office that is close by and can take care of my baby on the same day.

– Kimberly L., Yelp

Dr. Cohen, and the entire staff of Fresh Meadows Animal Clinic, really deserve a five star review. Five months ago, I brought home a new puppy, being that he’s a french bulldog, a brachycephalic breed, which can sometimes have some serious health issues, I knew it was very important to find not only a good vet but a GREAT vet.  I made my puppies first appointment before I even brought him home…

Two days before my appointment, my cat (who at the time saw a feline specialist in Manhattan for a whole array of complex medical issues) became ill, and needed emergency treatment…because of the great over the phone experience I had scheduling my puppies visit, and their close proximity to my home, last minute as an emergency I brought my cat to Dr. Cohen to be seen. I was taken almost immediately, he listened to my concerns with my cat, had trust in my overview of his past medical history and quickly prescribed treatment that worked very effectively.

Two days later I returned for my puppies first exam. Erika (vet tech) is a fellow French Bulldog owner, which made me feel an immediate connection and trust. Dr. Cohen again, was extremely personable, caring, in depth, and answered EVERY single question / concern I had… I could not have been more pleased with that visit, and the several subsequent visits after for all his boosters and immunizations. This past weekend, at the dog park, I ran into another one of the vet techs, her name escapes me at the moment :-/ , and her dog Ducky…and even “off duty” she made me feel like family by striking up conversation and addressing my dog by his name…. playing with him. They’ve got a patient for life here!  Again, I HIGHLY recommend them, and so glad to have found Dr. Cohen and staff!

– Joey D., Yelp

I used to come here years ago before Dr.Cohen was here and I always love this place ..I have a thirteen year old dog so he is needy and Dr.Cohen always knows his diagnosis and helps my dog,,we have been seeing him for a couple years he really has helped My dog with correct treatments and medication and he just loves what he does you can tell..another plus is he is reasonable with me and my mothers financial situation. I recommend this place for any pet owner because you can trust your pet here !!

– Bobby B., Yelp

We had been taking our dogs and cats to 2 different vets for several years, and we decided that we wanted to start taking everyone to one location. When our dogs needed their annual shots, we did a lot of research, and gave Dr. Cohen a try. We were immediately sold. You can see that he really cares about his patients, and he takes the time to explain everything to you. The office is clean, modern, and they even give you the first exam for free! I could easily stop there, but I really wanted to share our latest experience.

We found a lump on our cat Dax’s chest in January, and were obviously very concerned. We decided to take him to our old vet since they were supposed to be “cat specialists”. Big mistake. They did a biopsy, and determined that it was an infiltrative lipoma, but the vet had no idea how to remove it. He said that he would need to call in a specialist, and that it would be about $1,800. We had our other cat’s eye removed when he had cancer for $1,500, so I felt like this was way too much, especially since I had just paid them $500 for a biopsy.

I told the vet that I wanted a second opinion, and went to see Dr. Cohen. He examined Dax, checked out the pathology report, and said he would be able to remove the lump. He also raised some good questions, like why the other vet didn’t do any bloodwork, and why he didn’t just remove the whole thing since they were putting him under anesthesia anyway. A couple of weeks later, we brought Dax in for the surgery, and he did very well. Thanks to it being dental month, we got the tumor removed and his teeth cleaned for about 1/3 of what our former vet wanted to charge. I also felt that Dax was in much better hands, as our old vet needed the “falcon glove” to restrain him during exams, but with Dr. Cohen and his staff, a little scruff and a towel calms him down.

I also wanted to mention their follow-up. Dr. Cohen sent me the tumor pathology report within a couple of days, and also checked in to see how Dax was doing. A couple of days after that, Meghan checked in to make sure he was still ok. You don’t get that everywhere. We just moved from Queens to Nassau, but we’ll still be taking all 4 of our little ones to Dr. Cohen and his team at FMAC!

– Jacob B., Yelp

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