We are very happy to announce grooming services by Noel Katehis at Fresh Meadows Animal Clinic!
Noel is a certified groomer and the former owner of “Meeka’s Grooming”. She’s one of the most popular groomers in Queens due her experience, skills and special attention she gives to each pet she sees. She has a gentle touch and a special bond with our pets! She thoroughly takes the time to learn what preferences the owners have with their pets.

Noel handles small/ large dogs and felines as well. Full bathing, haircuts, nail clipping, anal sacs, special trims and medicated shampoos are offered at reasonable rates! You can also rest assured that she can tailor her service to any special care your pet may need. If special handling or medical treatment is recommended, she can consult with Dr. Cohen and the expert team at FMAC as well!

With a bath and a haircut, your pet will feel and look fresher than ever!

We’ll determine the ideal procedure and shampoo for your pet based on the condition of their skin and coat, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet won’t have an allergic reaction. In addition, our groomer is always friendly and caring, guaranteeing that your pet will feel comfortable.

Our full line of grooming services includes having your pet’s ears cleaned and nails trimmed.

It’s important to have these procedures done regularly, as they help contribute to the health of your pet. Dogs and cats with nails that are too long are often uncomfortable, and unclean ears can lead to infections. A regular grooming will also enhance your pet’s skin and coat. Medicated baths are available for pets with sensitive skin or allergies as well.

Get in touch with Noel today to schedule your grooming session!

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